Prince Harry Was A Bit Nervous At The Royal Wedding, Says Body Language Expert Robin Kermo

Prince Harry Was A Bit Nervous At The Royal Wedding, Says Body Language Expert Robin Kermode


May 22, 2018 13:01 By Fabiosa

The moment may have come and gone, but the memory is still fresh, and communications expert Robin Kermode speaking exclusively to MailOnline FEMAIL provides another look at the new couple on their wedding day.

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While seated in St. George's Chapel, Prince Harry was seen rubbing Meghan’s hand with his thumb, a sign Kermode interpreted as nervousness.

The thumb rub is an interesting gesture that parents often share with children. Harry is using it to say 'I'm a little nervous and I'm glad you're here with me'.


Again, just before the couple said their vows, Prince Harry showed more signs of nervousness. He often touched his face, an action which Kermode says is discouraged among aristocrats.

The fact that Harry touched his face as often as he did in the early part of the service shows what a huge occasion this was for him and what it meant to him on a deeply emotional level.

As for Meghan, Kermode says that she was totally at ease with the proceedings and maintained a very confident posture throughout.

Meghan didn't touch her face once. Nor did she check that her dress was sitting right. She was supremely calm.


One thing was certain, though - the couple was clearly in love. Their gaze never faltered the entire day and, despite Prince Harry’s suggested discomfort with his outfit, they were comfortable together.

The eye contact between them the entire time was wonderful to see. Completely genuine with long held cases. Once again they managed to be seemingly in a private moment in a very public space. This is literally the stuff of fairy tales.


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And that beautiful moment on the steps of the church when the first public kiss happened, Kermode noticed that Prince Harry leaned forward for the kiss, while Meghan more or less maintained her strong position.

It is a gesture of genuine love from him to her. This was, of course, the moment the world was waiting for. A kiss of genuine love. It was unrushed and savoured. Wonderful to see.


One fairytale moment like none other

There is something magical about the first time a groom stands beside his bride. And Prince Harry made this moment even more special. Lip-readers reveal that the moment he had Meghan beside him, Prince Harry said to her:

You look amazing. I’m so lucky.

Those words brought tears to millions of people and many starry-eyed lass looking at winning the heart of their own prince charming.

Prince Harry is clearly the one that got away for many women around the world. But there is some comfort in knowing that he still found his beautiful princess in the former Suits star.

Their wedding was not a spectacle for the cameras. This was two people who honestly care about each other, sharing their love with billions of people around the world. It is set to be the stuff of legends and is already changing the image of Britain.

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