There's A Lot Of Warmth In Michelle Obama's Family Photos That Seems Absent In The Trump Family Pictures


May 28, 2018 11:21 By Fabiosa

As the time draws closer for the release of former First Lady Michelle Obama’s memoir, "Becoming," she has been sharing some insight on what fans should expect. Last Tuesday, she posted two pictures from her past which will feature in the highly anticipated book.


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While one showed a young Michelle in Chicago at home with her mother, Marian, and father, Fraser, the other was of Michelle as a student at her alma matter, Princeton, in the 1980’s. These rare pictures present a never-before-seen angle to one of the most popular first ladies to ever live in the White House.


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The Obamas were particularly popular during the 8 years Barack Obama was President of the United States. And even after leaving office, they continue to charm their way into the hearts and minds of millions of Americans.

A family in love, unlike the Trumps

Michelle Obama’s candid family photographs show a depth of love and affection that is rarely displayed by members of the First Family. From her time growing up in Chicago to her wedding in 1992 to Barack Obama, there has always been a lot of warmth going around.


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According to Michelle, family meant a lot to her as they helped her learn the value in maintaining a healthy relationship with family members. She gives a lot of credit to her father as well, who taught her the essence of hard work, values that Michelle has passed down to her daughters.


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These honest renderings of the former first family are particularly pleasant and show stark differences against pictures shared by President Trump and his family.

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While the Obamas always seem at ease and comfortable in their space, the Trumps almost always look like they were posed for their pictures.


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Michelle has always been unapologetic about how she raises her children and her relations with her husband. Her descriptions of family life at the Obamas during interviews sound like every other normal family, albeit with some perks.


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Perhaps, this says a lot about how connected to each other the Obamas are. And it is likely the reason they managed to stay close and warm despite the attention and scrutiny within and outside the White House.


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Who knows, maybe the Trumps can take a cue from the Obamas. There’s a lot an affectionate family photo can do.

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