Cate Blanchett Opens Up About Prince Philip Surprising Request When She Was Invited To Have Lunch With The Royals

Date September 20, 2018

Who hasn't thought about meeting the royals at least once in their life? A lot of us consider Meghan Markle lucky because she met Prince Harry on a blind date.

Meeting the royals

People have had weird encounters with the members of the royal family, some of them didn't even realize they met a royal. According to People, Margot Robbie spoke with Prince Harry without acknowledging who he was. In fact, she pointed out he looked like Ed Sheeran.


David Duchovny also had a weird experience when he had to explain the meaning of a 'booty call' to Prince Charles.

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Talking about meeting with the royals, not many people have had the chance to meet Prince Philip at lunch. Actress Cate Blanchett shared a story of how she was invited to have lunch with the royals on the Jonathan Ross Show.


She said:

I went to their house once for lunch. There were 12 of us. I couldn’t work out why I had been invited.

According to her, Prince Philip asked her if she was an actress, and when she said ‘yes’, he told her that he had been given a DVD player for Christmas, and he didn’t know which cord to insert. He said:

I don’t know whether to put the green cord in or the red cord.



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Prince Philip and the royal protocol

You'd be probably surprised to learn that Prince Philip is quite spontaneous.


In the interview with Marie Claire, former royal family personal chef Darren McGrady tells of how Prince Philip once made the staff swap meals with him.

According to him, Prince Philip walked into the room and asked what they were having for dinner and after getting the reply, preferred to have what the staff was having, instead.

Well, the royals are humans like the rest of us, and they are allowed a bit of spontaneity once in a while.

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