"He Is Fathering, Not Babysitting" - Jenny Mollen Slams People Who Praise Fathers For Taking Care Of Their Own Children

Date September 21, 2018 19:08

Actress and comedian, Jenny Mollen has no holds barred when it comes to sharing her honest opinion on certain issues. 

Asides the fact that she looks totally awesome at parenting, she has decided to respect her children's privacy until they come of an age and can decide if they want to be shown on social media.

In a post on her Instagram page, she says she doesn't post her son Sid's face because she does not want him harassed or recognized in public. Though, she shows Lazlo's face because he is still a baby and is almost never out of the house.

Her reason actually makes perfect sense. Children of celebrities don't get to choose their parents, so it would be best to allow them to make the decision on whether to be flaunted on social media.

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Jenny Mollen calls out double standards

Traditionally, dads are praised when they take on the role of looking after their own children. Which is quite funny, especially since it is their own child and they should also be involved in the parenting process.


Two homebodies out of their natural habitat.

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She said that people often asked her if she felt lucky that her husband was very involved in parenting, and that the answer to that was no!.

I expect him to be a good father! That’s why I had kids with him.

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Her fans agree with her


Start em young! #feminist #courageiscontagious @nickkharamis

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A lot of her Instagram fans agreed with her.

A user @annglenn333 emphasized that a hands-on father ought to share responsibilities which include the tough part of parenting and not just a walk in the parks.

Another Instagram user @bri_momster thanked Jenny for the post and wrote about how comments like 

“Oh, your husband watches the kids?

drives her crazy.

@littlegado agreed with Jenny saying,

No! He’s not babysitting! He’s fathering.

You have to agree with Jenny. She is right!

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