Why Prince Philip Doesn't Think Prince Charles Would Make A Great King

Date September 19, 2018

The British royal family is known for its deep family feuds. So it's no surprise that Prince Charles and his father Prince Philip have had a rocky relationship. However, what's new is that Charles now blames dad for his own doomed marriage to Princess Diana.


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History always repeats itself

Prince Philip grew up without a real family, according to Daily Mail. He was separated from them at a young age and didn't know his father. His sister died in a plane crash leaving him alone.

And he wasn't there for Charles and Anne, his own children when they were young.


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Charles ended up growing up without a father figure. This led to the strained relationship between the Princes.​​​​​​​


Why Charles really married Diana

Reports claim Prince Charles married Princess Diana because he felt pressured, not because he really loved her. In a letter from his father, Charles was asked to either propose or dump her. This led to a marriage that would end years later.​​​​​​​


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Prince Philips expresses doubts about Prince Charles as king

According to a new highly revealing book by Tom Bower titled Rebel Prince, Prince Philip has expressed uncertainties about the unity of the monarchy if it falls into the hands of his son.

He has been quoted as saying that he doubts Prince Charles can unify Great Britain. When asked about his own longevity and the queen's position on the throne, he joked that it was to keep their eldest son from taking it.​​​​​​​


Prince Charles' approval ratings haven't been stellar, and many youngsters would prefer Prince William to be king.

While it's all up to fate, Prince Charles would be the first monarch in 1,000 years to ascend to the throne after 40.

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