Celebrities Are Going Crazy With The Met Gala 2018 Outfits: Was The Risk Worth It?

Date May 8, 2018 18:04

What is the thing most celebrities are struggling for? Money? Wrong! Self-recognition? Maybe, but unlikely. All the respected celebrities strive only for one thing – attention. That is why Met Gala 2018 was marked with some extraordinary but noticeable outfits worth being mentioned.

Do you remember Rihanna’s exuberant Guo Pei robe in 2015? It was awesome. Several attempts have already been made to impress Vogue's Editor-in-Chief and associative Met Gala chairwoman Anna Wintour, but very few were crowned with success.

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This year wasn’t an exclusion, so let’s check out the most memorable Met Gala 2018 outfits that might have been a stunning success, or on the verge of disaster.

Mindy Kaling

Her massive crown spoke for itself: one of the most extravagant looks during the entire event. Her confident behavior underlined the royal image Mindy desired to perpetuate.


Lana Del Rey

Her biblical image from Gucci was ideal with Jared Leto’s full Jesus outfit. The two were a perfect match during Met Gala.


Solange Knowles

Exquisite black – that is what Solange’s du-rag, halo piece, and interestingly shaped outfit could be called. But was it really necessary to wear such weirdly shaped dress? Perhaps, yes.


Cynthia Erivo

Dark purple dress of Cynthia would have been an ordinary one unless the absence of the outfit’s front part. Striking clothes for marvelous woman.


Shaun White

American snowboarder-musician made a risky decision by choosing dark green as his main color. Anyway, the athlete looked adorable during the Met Gala 2018.


Apart from the risky outfits, there were a few more impactful events that will be definitely discussed in the nearest future. First of all, it was impossible to notice Elon Mask began dating Canadian electropop musician Grimes.


The pair has been reportedly together for about a month after Elon messaged Boucher online. As the topic of the Gala was dedicated to Heavenly Bodies, it was expected that all guests would wear thematic outfits. If the women supported the idea with their clothes, very few men decided to transform.

Another interesting outfit was owned by Lena Waithe who didn’t hide her LGBTQ mindset.


Well, this year was not a disappointment in terms of Met Gala outfit. Even though some of the images were quite risky, in general, the celebrities cheered us up with the choice of their looks.

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