Great News For Kristin Davis' Daughter Gemma: 53-Year-Old 'Sex And The City' Star Has Just Adopted An Infant Brother For Her


May 9, 2018 10:46 By Fabiosa

53-year-old Sex and the City star Kristin Davis is reportedly claimed to adopt her second child – an infant boy. The actress already has 7-year-old adopted girl and has previously mulled over the possibility to have another kid.

First adoption

Kristin has been raising her 7-year-old daughter Gemma since 2011. Charlotte York from the iconic HBO TV series and subsequent spin-off films lives with her kid in Los Angeles.


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It was a huge step for Kristin, and back in 2012, during Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show, she said she wasn’t ready to have the sibling for her daughter, as she was really worried about the first kid. Well, Gemma might be extremely happy now, as her mom adopted a second child – an infant boy.

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Best feeling

Kristin claimed she accustomed to the motherhood art quickly and thought it would be much more complicated. Now, she has that gut feeling about what is correct.


First, she used to have a nurse, but soon, she understood that mother and a child need no one else in the relation between them:

You kind of tune into your baby, and you bond, and then you go.

Kristin wasn’t married, but her boyfriends included the popular screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.


Happy motherhood

Well, that is a huge step for the star-mother. One child is a challenge, but having two means you have to devote yourself to the upbringing completely.


We can’t help feeling amazing for Kristin and wish her the easiest motherhood days to raise her kids in peace and quiet.

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