Living Through The Son's Death: Nick Cave And Susie Bick Opened Up On How They Overcame Arthur's Loss

Date June 26, 2018

Nick Cave and Susie Bick will never stop mourning for their deceased son they lost back in 2015. Luckily, their family is strong enough to prop up each other in the most difficult moments to keep their happy living despite the terrible loss.


Tragic death

Nick and Susie lost Arthur in 2015 when their twin boy fell down a 60-feet cliff after failed experiments with drugs.


The air ambulance transferred the heavily injured boy to a nearest hospital where he died due to major body damage. Sussex Police announced the death as an accident, underlining no suspect or murder background present in the case.

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Through the loss

The desperate parents announced Arthur’s death soon after the accident. They asked to respect the family's privacy and need to grieve over their deceased son.

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Years after, Nick and Susie explain how they managed to come through the dramatic death. Everything they needed was just themselves and enough time to recover:

We’re together all the time, except when Nick’s on tour. I swear we never argue. If one of us isn’t feeling so good, we’ll prop up the other. We really don’t want the other one to fall.

Arthur had a twin-brother, Earl, who is now a center of attention for the Cave family.


We are glad Nick and Susie managed to stay strong enough not to fall in depression after Arthur’s death. Perhaps, they understood, regardless of where he is now, he must be feeling safe and sound in the better world.

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