Unused Scenario For His New Film: Johnny Depp And His Marriages, Alcohol Abuse, And Tough Childhood

Date June 25, 2018

From the mean mother to the rescuing marriages, Johnny Depp’s life is like a long-lasting thriller, like another award-winning film where he plays the leading role. However, this is also a scenario where he can't rewind the bitter moments that could have been improved significantly.

First attempt

In the late '90s, Vanessa Paradis became the saving straw that actually pulled Depp out of the abyss. Drugs, alcohol, endless parties – it was his usual life before getting to know her.

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He spent thousands of dollars on drinking. $30,000 a month on wine wasn’t a big amount for him. It is difficult to imagine what else and how much Johnny Depp was consuming. Moreover, his smoking habits were even more disturbing. Johnny Depp used to smoke tobacco constantly, several times a day throughout most of his life.

Luckily, he backed off. He understood his life was heading nowhere when he met Vanessa. However, it lasted only until he got bored again.

Second attempt

Amber always thought uniquely. She hosted homeless parties, rode horses, rented a new car every day to avoid the shadowing of paparazzi, and she also checked friends in an unusual way: She made news about herself and told them to the close people around her. When the fake news would appear in the press, she understood who was the source of the leak.

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Johnny Depp fell in love with this mysteriousness. He fell in love with Amber. However, something went wrong again. Later, people split down the middle on the issue. Some claimed Johnny Depp constantly bet Amber Hurd and must be punished for this. After the incident, Amber had no choice but to get a divorce. On the other hand, his advocates stated Johnny Depp did not beat Amber; she's a mercantile person who framed Depp: all that she needed was his money.


The only thing we had, after it became known that Amber Heard filed for divorce, was the opposition between the supporters of the different opinions. It is only up to the court to decide who was right and who was to blame, while we can only be the witnesses of the tragic split.


Failed due to the childhood

All those difficulties resonated from the actor’s harsh childhood. His mother, Betty Sue, often bet little Johnny, but he claimed to love her as she was still his mom. One of the first things he did after making big money was buying his beloved mother a house as a tribute to her endeavors to raise him a tough guy. He underlined his difficult relationship with Betty at her funeral in 2016:

My mom was maybe the meanest human being I have ever met in my life.

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