She Is The Best: Why Princess Anne Should Be Considered The Most Influential Royal In The Family

Date June 8, 2018

Princess Anne is, perhaps, the most delightful royal family member. She is a perfect mother for her children, avid charity worker, and a cold-headed person when it comes to important decisions.

Princess Anne is not the first to appear in mind when talking about the royal family. Her more famous relatives usually attract more attention, but it doesn’t diminish the Queen’s daughter role in Windsor life. She has already been declared the most hard-working nobility in the family with more than 450 engagements every year, but what else makes Anne so special? Let’s break it down.

Her family

One of the most awaited news about the newborn royal children is their title. People can’t wait to pronounce the new official name of the appeared baby. Anne said no. Her children don’t have the royal titles as she wanted them to live the normal lives. They still keep in mind their granny is the British Queen, however, Anne taught them to perceive it as given. Nowadays, they are both successful people (Zara is a professional equestrienne; Peter is the managing director of Sports & Entertainment’s British division) and never stop thanking their mother for making their childhood unforgettable.

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It has already been mentioned about her 483 engagements on average each year, but this is not just about the charity work. She constantly visits East Africa accompanied by her personal bodyguards. Apart from that, her meaningful impact in the 2012 Olympics in London was much praised by the highest authorities in the sphere:

She is one of the great unsung heroes of this whole process. She played a key role in delivering the bid.


Cold head

She always stayed calm. In 1974, Anne lived through the kidnapping attempt. Four people were killed in the unfortunate incident, but she survived. Later on, Anne gave the interview where she mentioned about the most horrible events in her life. In a document written for prime minister Harold Wilson, the princess said the only thing that had stopped her from hitting Ball was the thought that he would shoot her.

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Tough upbringing

She refused from being brought up as a girl. She always wanted to be on the same level as her brothers. She usually wore the men’s version of the uniform. She marched on a par with the other soldiers. Even when she fell from the horse during the Montreal Olympics in 1976, and concussed, she asked to return on the track to continue fighting for the medal.


Those are not just the bare facts supported with nothing. People are fascinated with Anne’s personality and keep honoring her every time she appears on another engagement.

Good job, Anne, you definitely deserve our respect for all the amazing things you have done and plan to fulfill in the future.

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