The One Color Kate Middleton Never Wears: Personal Choice Or Another Royal Protocol?

Date September 18, 2018 17:35

The British royals may try to conceal their fashion preferences, but nothing stays hidden for long when you are always in the spotlight. Queen Elizabeth II likes to wear bright outfits that distinguish herself from the crowd. Why?

As Smithsonian documentary, The Queen at 90, explained:

She only needs to stand out from other figures so that people are able to say 'I saw the Queen'.


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No one can outshine her anyway.


She has been seen donning dazzling gowns and dresses when attending royal engagements, while paparazzi try to analyze her every move. However, she has never been seen wearing any shade of orange.

Her own fashion protocol

There is no royal fashion rule that strictly bans orange, but it's considered to be a non-photogenic color.


Her fashion sense is on point.

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What about the newly-wedded Duchess?


It's noteworthy that Meghan only wears neutral colors in the presence of Elizabeth to avoid outshining the Queen. Markle's style has been diverse, but she seems to prefer olive green.

That's one interpretation.


In his interview with Yahoo!, Robert Shuter, an expert on British royals, said:

After blue, green is the second most popular shade for women in England.

Green also represents the British suffragette movement. Given that Meghan is an advocate of women's rights, it all makes perfect sense.


Do you think fashion is important for the British royals? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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