Brilliant Artist Took Our Breaths Away With The Stunning Portrayal Of Princess Diana With Adult William And Harry

Date September 5, 2018

Artists seem to be obsessed with imagining what it would be like if Princess Diana was still alive today. Then again, who wouldn't be curious to see grown William and Harry with their loving mother?

Brilliant Artist Took Our Breaths Away With The Stunning Portrayal Of Princess Diana With Adult William And Harrygettyimages

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A while ago, a photoshopped picture of Kate Middleton introducing little Princess Charlotte to Diana completely stole our hearts.

It made us start picturing other moments in William's and Harry's lives they missed out on sharing with their mom. Like William holding his firstborn with happy Diana by his sight, or Harry introducing the love of his life, Meghan, to his proud mother. Well, now we don't have to just imagine it anymore, because a brilliant artist Autumn Ying brought our most amazing fantasies to life.

Diana's life: reimagined

Autumn Ying draws incredible portraits of Diana with her sons, which she posts on her personal Instagram account for everyone to see.

In addition, she put together a drawing of all 4 amazing women of this unit: Diana, Kate, Meghan, and little Charlotte. Even though it's not real, we can't help but feel the love and happiness coming from this picture.


✨#yingfashioncanvas ✖️#RoyalWedding In that fleeting time together with you, I found love of a lifetime. • Here comes the joyful version of the royal family which I would like to express the family bonding that’s precious 💫 Thanks for the overwhelming responses for the #RoyalWedding artwork over these two days! I’m truly blessed and touched at the same time because to majority, I’m just new to you and yet you guys took time and effort to encourage me and some of you even took approach to ask for credit for those reposts which didn’t tag me. Thank you for being so kind with all the lovely gestures. • It’s the encouragements given by all of you that lead me till this far. And I think it’s time to give back to this world. I will be preparing art prints for this #RoyalWedding series for you after receiving all the requests. While for every art print purchased, the amount will be donated to UNICEF, in hope of helping the children in need out of malnutrition in Cambodia 🇰🇭👧🏻👶🏻🇰🇭 • The world needs all the love it can get. Every single kind gesture will spark hope and make a difference, and I believe that the world does response, right? 💓 • #surrealart #princessdiana #katemiddleton #meghanmarkle #princesscharlotte #fashionillustration #lovelife #thecreativehive #and_draw_something #drawadot #yingfashioncanvas

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Autumn's work gathered tremendous positive response from her followers.

Reactions to gorgeous drawings

@gingerrwarnerr ...This is too beautiful .. Princess Diana would loved it

@italiaburrage What a vision of loveliness ❤️how wonderful would this family be & Diana with her gorgeous granddaughter how proud she would be & so sad that she has missed out on her boys lives just heartbreaking 💔💔

@sneha.illustradentist Love this... Today if Princess Diana would have seen this. She would have called you personally to meet her after seeing this. It's so beautiful 😍😍😍

Autumn Ying's work touched our hearts. Although we'll never get to see these scenarios come to life, we're grateful for a little bit of this beautiful fantasy.

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