Monster-In-Law? Truth Behind The Fall Out Between Queen Elizabeth II And Princess Diana

Date September 4, 2018

Princess Diana was never just another daughter-in-law for the Queen. Her Majesty knew Diana ever since she was a little girl, since her father, the 8th Earl Spencer, had worked for the royal family long before her birth.

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Queen Elizabeth II was always fond of the Spencer daughter, that is, until she married her oldest son. At the time, Diana was only 20 years old, while Her Majesty, as well as her husband, came from different generations.

The Queen and Princess Dianagettyimages

Many things indicate the fall out between Princess Diana and the Queen, so let's look closely at what transpired between the two royal ladies.

Clashes and misunderstandings of the Buckingham Palace

Problems between the Queen and Diana didn't begin until it became clear that Prince Charles preferred the company of Camilla Parker-Bowles, and his wife started to feel alienated by him.

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As Ingrid Seward wrote in The Queen’s Speech: An Intimate Portrait of the Queen in Her Own Words, Diana kept asking her mother-in-law for help, stressing dramatically about her marriage, while Her Majesty was growing frustrated with the young Princess, and didn't know how to handle her:

The Queen was desperate to help Diana, but she just didn’t know how. And Diana couldn’t connect with the Queen.

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It's no surprise the Queen couldn't grasp Diana's struggles, as she grew up amid conservative women and was used to hiding her emotion. Her Majesty's composure and Diana's open expression of her concerns clashed, and they couldn't find common ground.

In addition, with Diana came a rebranding of the royal family. Before Prince Charles' marriage, the monarchy was less about publicity and didn't strive to be glamourized for the public image. However, people became obsessed with Diana and her style, and she was happy to play along.

The Queen and Princess Dianagettyimages

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For the Queen, it was a major change in the family's dynamic, and she struggled with accepting Princess Diana's frivolities.

There's no denying, however, that Diana has, indeed, changed the public's perception of the royal family, and we know that Her Majesty had to accept it. So even if the Queen had a hard time dealing with it in the beginning, we know she's now happy with the way things are in her family.

Palace's reaction to Diana's death

In addition to questionable attitude the Queen had towards Diana during her life, people judged the royal family's reaction to the Princess' passing. According to the witnesses, Prince Charles and Her Majesty didn't display any signs of grief, and there were no official signs regarding the national tragedy coming from the Palace for a while.

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Most buffling was the absence of the flag flying at half-mast over Buckingham Palace, and the Queen's personal statement. After things settled a bit, the flag was flown after all, and the Queen did address the nation. But for many spectators, the time it took the family to show they cared was too long.

Whatever the reason was for the delay of the family's public mourning, we can't in good faith claim they didn't care. After all, Charles' sons and Her Majesty's grandsons lost their mother, and we can't believe they would've been indifferent about that.

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