Why Was Princess Diana A 'Persona Non Grata' To The Queen Mother, While Sarah Ferguson Was Well Liked?

Date September 4, 2018

The Queen Mother was one of the most vibrant and influential members of the royal family. After her husband's untimely death, she became the head of the household, and her approval was something everyone craved.

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She was certainly an interesting character. Her equerry, Colin Burgess, who started working for the Queen Mother in 1994, got to know the royal later in life, but that was when she allowed her true colors shine the most. 

We're most interested in how the head of the royal family felt about her grandsons' failed marriages, and the women in question – Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson.

She cared about her grandsons being happy

It's no secret that the Queen Mother wasn't a big fan of Princess Diana. To be more precise, she never cared much about Charles' young wife, and once their marriage ended, Her Majesty didn't want to be reminded about Diana's existence at all.

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According to Burgess' personal essay for Daily Mail:

Once Diana split from Charles, she was very much persona non grata, and I never again heard her name mentioned by, or in front of, the Queen Mum, not even when I saw her a couple of months after Diana’s death, by which time I had left her employ.

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This makes us think, what was it about Diana that made the Queen Mother so averse to her? Well, it might have something to do with their divorce, but wouldn't it have been fair if Charles' grandmother was mad at him for cheating on his wife? Not exactly, let's see what she thought about her other grandson's divorce.

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It's well known that Sarah Ferguson was the unfaithful one in her marriage with Prince Andrew, but, surprisingly, the Queen Mother liked her very much. According to Burgess, even after their divorce, the couple continued to see each other from time to time, and the royal grandmother recognized Andrew's love for Fergie:

You could see that, regardless of everything Sarah Ferguson had done, despite all the shame she had brought on the royals with her affair and her gaffes, the Queen Mother was still quite fond of her because of the joy she brought to Andrew. 

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From this, we can gather that the Queen Mother liked Sarah for all the happiness and love she brought to her grandson. She valued true love, which, we assume, she didn't see Diana having for Charles. 

Precious wedding gift

Interestingly, the Queen Mother did give Diana a beautiful wedding gift – a brooch. It is shocking, but, apparently, the brooch belongs to Camilla Parker-Bowles now.

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You might be surprised by this fact, but this just proves that the Queen Mother was fond of women who loved her grandsons. Hence, we can assume she didn't mind the beautiful brooch to be presented to Charles' true love, because she knew they belonged together.

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The Queen Mother's judgement of character simply relied on whether people around her cared for her family. She was a very protective woman, and is still greatly missed.

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