Forgive And Let Go: Serena Williams Opens Up About Struggling With Forgiving Her Sister's Murderer

Date August 28, 2018 15:26

Serena Williams have been having a hard time ever since she found out about her pregnancy. At first, she was happy, but then the famous athlete faced serious complications. Fortunately, she was able to give birth to her beautiful baby girl Alexis Olympia.


Family day yesterday. @olympiaohanian was not having it though. @serena collection top.

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Serena lived in bliss raising her daughter, but she had to come back to professional tennis, which couldn't wait for her too long. She didn't know, however, how difficult it was going to be to leave her daughter and focus on being an athlete. The hardest thing for Williams was giving up breastfeeding and missing her Alexis Olympia's first steps, which would be a hard hit for any new mom.

2018 became a year of overcoming the desire to be her own self and a mother and finding a perfect balance between her professional and personal life. But there was another curveball awaiting for Williams. Just before heading to her first match since becoming a mom, Serena found out that her older sister's murderer was released from the prison.

Losing her sister

Yetunde Price, Serena and Venus' older sister, was killed in 2003. It was a terrible tragedy for the entire family, and Serena misses her to this day.


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Yetunde left behind three children and a loving family. She was 31 years old at the time of her murder.

The shooter was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2006 but was released in 2018 for good behavior. 


Forgive and forget?

It was a tough hit for Serena to find out about her sister's murderer walking free when she was already struggling with her life. Speaking with TIME, Williams admitted to being upset with the news, but she hopes that one day she'll find strength in herself to forgive and let go:

No matter what, my sister is not coming back for good behavior. It’s unfair that she’ll never have an opportunity to hug me. But also …The Bible talks about forgiveness. I’m not there yet. I would like to practice what I preach, and teach Olympia that as well. I want to forgive. I have to get there. I’ll be there.


What would I do without all your support? I love you all!!

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We know how strong Serena is, so we believe she can find peace and be grateful to have her sister in her memory.


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Fighting off depression

Everything that Williams had faced ever since becoming a mom would be difficult for anyone. What's helpful is that the tennis player stays honest and revealed on her Instagram that she's been dealing with some postpartum emotions. Serena revealed that sometimes she has bad days, but she's finding it in herself to believe in a better tomorrow:

I’m here to say: if you are having a rough day or week--it’s ok--I am, too!!! There’s always tomm!

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