King Of 'Dad' Jokes Prince William Couldn't Resist Making A Sweet Jab At Kate And Kids In His Speech

Date October 2, 2018

Prince William has been a dad since 2013 and he's certainly embraced his role as a father. There's no doubt he loves his three little angels very much, but even the royal admits they can be a handful.


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Often known for his 'dad' jokes, Duke of Cambridge mentions his children all the time, subtly implying that little rascals use up a lot of his energy. William and Kate aren't trying to make it seem that parenthood is a breeze for them. They admit it's a huge responsibility but always do it jokingly.


Funnily enough, William even doesn't shy away from throwing little jabs at his troublemakers in official speeches.

Work trip is a holiday for the Duke

During his trip to Namibia, Prince William took to the podium to deliver a speech, which he opened with a little joke about being away from his family.


Duke of Cambridge started off by saying he regrets not having his lovely wife with him, but there is a certain positive side to him being away from home:

Particularly as I'm looking forward to a few good uninterrupted nights sleep this week. Away from my wonderful children.

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The public kindly laughed at the royal's joke, because every parent knows how relatable it was. Thus, Prince William is now the ultimate funny dad, and we applaud him.

But William's jokes don't undervalue his sense of responsibility

Duke of Cambridge might joke a lot, but he admitted to UK Telegraph that he takes parenthood very seriously, and is willing to sacrifice his rest in order to make sure George, Charlotte, and Louis are happy and cared for.


Fatherhood definitely suits Prince William, and we always can't wait for more of his funny 'dad' jokes!

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