50 Pantless Years: Queen Elizabeth II Hardly Ever Wears Trousers In Public, Why?

Date September 3, 2018

Queen Elizabeth II is very particular with her wardrobe and prefers to stick to the silhouettes and colors she knows suit her best. 

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For example, we know that the Queen always prefers to wear bright colors, as that way she's easier to spot in the crowd, and people can say they actually saw Her Majesty. In addition, she mostly wears similar dresses and coats, which makes us wonder why there's so little to know variety in her wardrobe?

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The answer is quite simple: we almost never see Her Majesty wearing pants in public.

Why such aversion to pants?

Think about how many times have you seen the Queen sporting a pair of trousers? Difficult, isn't it? Truth is, the last time Her Majesty wore pants to an official event was back in 1970, which means she has been sticking to dresses for almost 50 years now.

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That being said, it doesn't mean that Queen Elizabeth hates pants. On the contrary, she often wears them off duty when spending time with her family.

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As we all know, Her Majesty values traditions, and according to the royal protocol, royal women should wear skirts or dresses while performing their duties. The Queen upholds this rule and looks wonderful doing it.

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The Queen Stylegettyimages

Kate Middleton also prefers to follow this tradition and is rarely seen in pants in public. However, Meghan Markle is taking a more modern stance on royal fashion and likes to throw on a pair of classic trousers.

One item the Queen has never worn

Can you guess what clothing item Her Majesty has never tried on? Apparently, it's jeans! That's right, she's always avoided the most comfortable for us commoners type of pants.

But, considering Her Majesty isn't too fond of regular pants, we can't even imagine her rocking a pair of jeans.

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All in all, no matter what Queen Elizabeth wears, she always manages to look radiant and absolutely beautiful.

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