Prince William Opens Up About His 'Harry Potter' Scar! But What's Even Weirder Is That Kate Middleton Has A Similar Kind

Date September 4, 2018 16:01

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are a perfect match: they love each other immensely, share three beautiful kids, and have somewhat matching scars. That's right, both Prince William and Kate Middleton have scars on the left side of their heads. What a coincidence, right?

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Kate's mark is a bit bigger than William's and hidden in her hairline, although sometimes it makes a rare public appearance. It's said she got it as a result of childhood trauma and subsequent operation.

Kate Middletongettyimages

Some people even mistake it for hair extensions, but, come on, Duchess of Cambridge was blessed with amazing locks and doesn't need any help in that department.

The Prince who lived?

Prince William's scar is a bit more interesting. It's located on his temple and the Duke himself calls it his 'Harry Potter scar'. Of course, it's not as shapely as the one of The Boy Who Lived, but we can definitely see the resemblance!

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Duke of Cambridge got this prominent mark on his forehead at the age of 13 due to a golf club incident when his friend accidentally struck the young royal with the stick.

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But, we have to say the scar doesn't make William look any worse and it has been fading with age so that it takes a lot of focus to notice the mark.

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William, however, gladly embraced his scar as it helped him fully feel like a wizard when he, Kate, and Prince Harry visited Warner Bros studio and had some fun on the set of Harry Potter.

Prince William and Kate Middletongettyimages

The royals were seen playing with magic wands on the Diagon Alley from the movies and looked very convincing doing so. The trio looked exactly like Harry, Ron, and Hermione and we're absolutely loving it!

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harrygettyimages

There's no reason to be ashamed of scars. With a bit of imagination it can become a fun and unique thing about anyone, just take Prince William's word for it.

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