Video Of Princess Anne Hilariously Recalling Her Kidnapping Attempt Is Absolutely Fascinating

Date August 31, 2018

On March 20, 1974, the royal family faced a terrifying attempt at kidnapping Princess Anne. She was on her way to Buckingham Palace with husband, Captain Phillips, when, suddenly, a white Ford cut off their way and made them stop in the middle of the road.

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The attacker, Ian Ball, was armed with two guns and even injured the officer trying to protect the royals. Ball demanded Princess Anne to exit her car and go with him, but she and her husband stayed inside with closed doors refusing to follow her kidnapper's instructions. 

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The negotiations went on long enough for police to arrive, but it was dangerous to do anything with Ball as his gun was aimed at the Princess. There were several people near the scene, so when Ball realized things are not going to go well for him, he took off running, but was caught few minutes later.

Luckily, the kidnapping attempt ended well for Princess Anne. However, while many people would've been terrified and traumatized by the situation, the royal kept her cool and even sense of humor.

Princess Anne's recount of the event

Almost a decade after the incident, Princess Anne offered her own point of view on what had happened, and it's absolutely fascinating. The Queen's daughter talked about her own kidnapping attempt as a mere annoyance on their way home.

According to Anne, when Ball was demanding for her to exit the car and come with him it turned into a tedious discussion about where or where not they were going to go. Princess Anne and her husband weren't going to comply with the kidnapper's demands and just acted polite because it would be too "silly" not to.

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In general, Princess Anne's own retelling of the incident is hilarious to watch and her sense of humor is something we really envy.

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And we thought we couldn't love Princess Anne anymore, amazing!

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