Watchful Mother: How Princess Margaret Gate-Crashed Her Daughter's Date In A Toe-Curling Night

Date September 5, 2018 17:34

Princess Margaret was well known for enjoying life and grabbing every opportunity to have fun. She lived according to her own rules, and was never ashamed of it. Margaret wasn't acting like you would expect a royal to, and was a complete opposite of her remarkable sister, Queen Elizabeth II. 

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Margaret liked to party and be in the company of interesting people. It was her appetite for life that wasn't compatible with that of a married woman. Her days were filled with affairs, grand parties, and occassional royal responsibilities. She was always able to find an interesting event to go to, so she was never bored.

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One story from Margaret's life shows she was a true life of the party and couldn't let the spotlight be off her for even one evening.

Crashing her daughter's date

When Princess Margaret's daughter Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones was 16 years old, she started going on dates, which is natural for girls of her age. One fateful night, Sarah was preparing for a date with William Miller, who remembers their evening together as one of the most interesting and stressful in his entire life.

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William and his friend Conrad were supposed to take Sarah to see a play at the theatre that night, so they, as true gentlemen, went to pick up Sarah at Kensington Palace. They were greeted with champagne and proceeded to wait for Sarah.

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To their big surprise, Sarah came out accompanied by her mother who had a wide smile on her face. At that moment, William realized the Princess will be joining them, and instantly knew this was going to be night to remember.

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The group went to see famous musical Cats, which Princess Margaret enjoyed immensly. It seemed she was the only one having a great time, while William, Conrad, and Sarah were catching buffled glances of the people in the theatre.

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Needless to say, none of the teenagers ever forgot about that night and Sarah thought twice before telling her mother about another date.

Another hilarious royal story

If you think the royals are always proper and never get in amusing situations, think again. Princess Margaret wasn't the only one who contributed us with a few laughs, her sister, the Queen, once also found herself in a funny situation when she tried to avoid one of the guests at the Palace.

In 1978, the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu visited the UK and, obviously, had to stop by to meet the Queen.

The two made a public appearance together, but then Her Majesty was so opposed to seeing him privately that, according to a royal biographer, hid in the bushes once she saw him at Buckingham Palace.

We knew the Queen had a good sense of humor, that's one thing she and Princess Margaret definitely have in common.

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