Julia Roberts Joins Social Media With A Secret Message Of Love

Date June 29, 2018

Nowadays, we can’t imagine our lives without social media. Many people spend most of their time using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. For celebrities, it is a good way to share information and photos with fans, friends, and family members.

But not all celebrities are the fans of social media. And Julia Roberts was one of them until recently.


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For quite a long time, she resisted the impulse to join the social networking fray, saying:

[Social media] is kind of like cotton candy . . . It looks so appealing and you just can’t resist getting in there, and then you just end up with sticky fingers and it lasted an instant.


But now, her fans are really excited, as the Oscar-winning actress finally joined Instagram.

On her first photo, Julia Roberts is sitting in the grass, wearing a graphic sweater that says “Love”. She wrote “Hello” in caption.

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During the first day, 465,000 people subscribed to Julia Roberts’ account.

Maybe, other celebrities will change their mind too. As we have already said, Julia Roberts was not the only celebrity who didn’t use social media.

During her interview with The Times, Sandra Bullock said:

I will not take a selfie that I can't erase. I don't post or do any of that stuff.


Angelina Jolie calls herself an “old school”, when it comes to the technology. She said:

It's a scary new world.


We are glad Julia Roberts is now using Instagram, and fans will have an opportunity to stay updated.

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