Michael Jackson’s 20-Year-Old Daughter Talks About Family Issues After Missing Janet's BBMAs Performance

Date May 24, 2018

Paris Jackson, late Michael Jackson’s 20-year-old daughter, was recently highly criticized by media for not attending the Billboard Music Awards, where her aunt Janet Jackson was performing and receiving the Icon Award.


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Even though Paris praised Janet’s performance on social media, it was not enough for fans. Everybody noticed that Paris was not present at the event, alongside other family members.

Plenty of rumors appeared regarding issues in the Jackson family. In such situations, the downsides of belonging to a famous family are especially visible.

Paris Jackson addressed the public, asking not to worry about her. She said:

Dear social media followers, friends, stalkers, lovers and haters, and fellow moonwalkers: Please do not tell me/demands/try to control how I handle my relationship with the people in my life, specifically my family.

Paris explained that her family is just like other, and they have the same issues like everybody else. The only difference is just the publicity: every step of the Jackson family is under the constant scrutiny.

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She said:

Every family has their moments of trauma, heartbreak, separation, love, oneness, tribe, pain, everything. EVERY FAMILY. My family, specifically, and a good number of others…well, our drama is broadcasted worldwide through media. But that doesn’t mean our family issues are any different from yours. Ours are just made public.


The life of famous people is not so easy, as every step is visible. But let’s respect their desire to keep some family details in secret.

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