85-Year-Old Willie Nelson Reveals He Learned How To Sing From Frank Sinatra

Date June 11, 2018

Willie Nelson, the famous American singer, turned 85 in April. Despite the age, he still tours and enjoys his life more than ever. His album count is over 100, and the latest one, “Last Man Standing,” includes only new and original songs.


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Willie Nelson is now working on a collection of Sinatra tunes, including “My Way.” Despite the successful career, Willie doesn’t like to talk about achievements. Instead, he prefers to talk about life.


Nelson picked up a guitar when he was a small boy. He remembers that times, saying:

I started when I was 5 or 6. I had one of those old Sears & Roebuck guitars with the strings high off the neck — your fingers literally would bleed. When they healed up, though, they were pretty tough.

He also reveals Frank Sinatra was a very important person in his life; he considered him to be a close friend. In 1980s, Frank Sinatra once opened for Willie at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, and they appeared together in a TV spot for NASA.


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Willie also claims he learned a lot from Frank Sinatra. During one of his interviews, he was asked:

Do you feel like you learned anything from Sinatra?

He answered:

I learned a lot about phrasing listening to Frank. He didn’t worry about behind the beat or in front of the beat, or whatever — he could sing it either way, and that’s the feel you have to have.