Penelope Cruz “Honored” To Meet Obamas As They Enjoy Spain Trip

Date July 12, 2018

Barack and Michelle Obama have been enjoying their time in Spain and meeting celebrity friends. They’ve got such a great opportunity to meet people they haven’t seen for a long time.

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On her official Instagram account, Penelope Crus posted a photo of herself with Michelle Obama and Pedro Almodovar.

She wrote:

What a pleasure and honor it has been for Pedro and I to meet the most inspiring couple.

They met in Madrid after Back Obama’s participation at an economic conference in the capital and a climate change talk in Portugal.

Reportedly, Barack and Michelle’s daughters, 20-years-old Malia and 17-years-old Sasha, were also with them in Spain.

The Obamas have quite a lot of celebrity friends. For example, Tom Hanks is one of Barack’s best supporters. The actor even wanted Barack Obama to stay on a third term. He said:

I’m voting for Barack Obama, 2016. Yes I am. Four more years.


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Eva Longoria is one of his supporters as well. During the presidential campaign, she gave some piece of advice on reaching out to Latino communities.


Barack Obama calls George Clooney a good man and a good friend.


Barack and Oprah have known each other for quite a long time. Oprah was hoping he'd run for presidency – even before he'd made the decision to run. Later, she organized numerous fundraising campaigns for him.


Barack and Michelle Obama have so many good friends!

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