Princess Anne Talks About How George VI’s Death Turned Her And Charles' Childhood Upside Down

Date October 18, 2018 17:02

Princess Anne, the second child and the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, is not a big fan of public life. She rarely gives interviews and doesn’t like to talk about her personal life.

Princess Anne Talks About How George VI’s Death Turned Her And Charles' Childhood Upside Downgettyimages

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Nevertheless, Princess Anne gave a rare interview as part of the BBC’s programme, The Queen: Her Commonwealth Story, where she revealed some unknown details about her childhood and relations with the family members.


She said that the death of her grandfather, George VI’s, had an impact on her childhood. After he passed away, Queen Elizabeth had to take the throne. Of course, it meant a lot of traveling.

Princess Anne didn’t get a chance to see her parents often, as they were busy with the royal duties. Shortly after the accession, Queen Elizabeth went off on a six-month tour, leaving her children at home.



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During her interview for The Queen: Her Commonwealth Story, Princess Anne said:

Her predecessors had travelled enormously, that was the expectation. And they’d been away for very long times and that, again, was part of the expectation. And of course, it was made worse by her father dying so early on in her career that she didn’t have the option really to spend more time at home.



Of course, the death of George VI had a great impact on Princess Anne and Prince Charles. Queen Elizabeth was very busy with the royal duties, and it was rather hard to find free time for her children.

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