What It Feels Like To Be In Coma For 11 Days? Richard Bacon Talks About His Hallucinations, Panic Attacks, And Paralysis


August 10, 2018 14:33 By Fabiosa

Richard Bacon fell ill on a flight from the US and was taken eight days later to Lewisham hospital in London. He was put into a medically induced coma to fight with the lung infection.

The 42-years-old TV host Richard Bacon gave details of being in induced coma for 11 nights. He described everything starting from hallucinations, panic attacks and ending with the paralysis.

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In the interview with BBC, Richard revealed it was a very hard time for him and the whole family. Despite the fact the infection is gone, he doesn’t feel healthy because of major psychological scars:

As the therapist explained, I'm still in the thick of it. I can't eat properly, I don't sleep properly. The infection is completely gone but the psychological scars need dealing with. They were struggling to get me under, they had to use so many different needles. They paralysed me.

Richard said he heard some conversations while in a coma, and he remembers some of them rather clearly. Others were nonsense and it seems the brain made up a new reality:

One of the drugs they use to put you under is hallucinogenic and you take in things. You can hear conversations in a coma and start to piece together a story. There were things I could remember that were accurate and then things that were nonsense - my brain stitched together a new reality.

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For example, he partly remembers the episode when the family played the World Cup on the TV for him, and also some voices of doctors.

Richard was in critical condition and could die at any moment:

The hospital thought I would die the first night and the second night. My blood oxygen levels went to 70 per cent, if you get less than that you get brain damage and die. The infection was winning. They kept saying to Rebecca, 'he is very ill'. I had 250 injections.

Doctors tried to bring him back after a week, but it was not successful, as he started to hallucinate and lashed out at medical staff. So, it was decided to put Richard back under for his own safety.

He said:

Rebecca had to put kids to bed so I woke up surrounded by strangers. I was kicking off to point they had to restrain me, was confused and frightened. In the end they put me back under and brought me back out two days later.


Cured Bacon.

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Now, Richard tries to stay positive and hopes this situation will help him change the life:

I’ve decided to really, really embrace health from here on in. I’ve always drunk too much, I’ve always drunk too quickly, so I’m giving up drinking altogether forever as a result of what happened to me. Because if I don’t effect some sort of really, really positive change out of this, then it’s a giant waste of everyone’s time ... So I’m using it to effect positive change.

What a strong man he is! We hope Richard won’t have any health problems in the future.

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