Did Jodie Foster's Difficult And Controlling Mom Save Her From Sexual Exploitation As A Child Star In Hollywood?

Date July 10, 2018 14:49

Jodie Foster had already taken on some of the biggest roles of her career, including acting as a sex worker, before she turned 18.


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Strange family life

In a recent exclusive with Net-a-Porter, Foster has now described this time in her life and her intense relationship with her mother as ‘wonderful but painful’.


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The last of four children, Foster began to act at 3 and was bred to be her single mother’s partner. But, more than that, as a child star, she was the breadwinner of her family.

Her #MeToo story

While the world fell in love with the blue-eyed teen in roles like Bugsy Malone and The Silence of the Lambs, she had no control over her career. Her mother picked the roles and she simply acted them.

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Did this protect the actress from having her share of encounters with studio executives who sought to take advantage of her? By a long shot yes.

Foster says she was not as vulnerable because of her Hollywood savvy mother and the years she spent growing up as a child star. But this rare privilege has not turned the 55-year-old openly gay mom of two into a #MeToo advocate.

Self-worth advocate

She said, "If there’s anything that I have to be a role model about, it is prioritizing my own self-worth and psychological health above all."


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The actress who took a break from acting to focus on directing recently returned to to her first love for a role in the highly anticipated dystopian sci-fi Hotel Artemis, and we can’t wait for its big release.

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