Jimmy Kimmel Shocks Fans With His 'Support' Of Troubled Network Colleague Roseanne Barr

Date June 1, 2018 14:58

As fans of the Roseanne come to terms with the cancellation of the ABC hit show after its creator's racist tweet, Jimmy Kimmel has a few helpful suggestions.


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'Roseanne' cancelled

The Jimmy Kimmel Live late night host also has his show on ABC. He made it clear that he does not think the entire show should be taken off air because of Roseanne Barr.


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Barr made a tasteless comment about the Obama administration adviser, Valerie Jarrett, that left most people shocked.

Jimmy Kimmel's support

Earlier on his show, Kimmel suggested that the network could reimagine the show without Roseanne Barr's character.


A solid plan to keep #Roseanne on the air... *LINK IN BIO*

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But, as the saga unfolded, he also went on Twitter to weigh in on the issue. His tweet surprised most people who know him for being a strong Trump critic.

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His fans clearly expected him to stand against Roseanne Barr because she is known to be a vocal Trump supporter.

But Kimmel asked people to attacking the embattled TV lady because of her mental health.


Recall that Roseanne Barr blamed her racist tweet on the Ambien pill she had taken, prompting the drug makers to distance themselves from her.

His call for compassion has been met with mixed reactions. Some of his fans think he's pitching his tent with the wrong victim, others think his call for compassion is the honorable thing to do. What do you think?

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