Nicole Kidman Gets Many Brave-Mom Points From Fans After She Saved Her Daughters From A Scary Giant Tarantula

Date July 31, 2018 16:10

Nicole Kidman just showed that she is a heroic mama bear just like any mom out there.


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Move over Chrissy Teigen!

If you find this version of Kidman surprising, you are not alone. The only time we get to see her is when she's being the diva actress and/or wife of the country music star, Keith Urban.

Our go-to celebrity regular mom is Chrissy Teigen. She keeps it real and isn't afraid to share the messy behind-the-scenes of Hollywood parenting or bug hunting videos alongside daughter, Luna.

Kidman's mama bear moment

But Kidman just stole that spotlight when she shared this video that shows the moment she captured a giant black tarantula swimming in the pool, while her daughters, Faith Margaret, 7, and Sunday Rose, 10, screamed.


House guest! Catch and release…spider released unharmed and healthy ❤️Happy Sunday

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Fans were quick to praise her Australian heritage for her bravery, and commenters, including Reese Witherspoon and Zoe Kravitz, expressed their horror thoughts.

An easier way to get rid of tarantulas?

Kidman got even more heroic when she let the tarantula go minutes after it was captured and bottled in a jar amid screams from her daughters to "Get back".

Although the spider specie is not particularly harmful, she gets many points for her superhero antics. However, a far easier/proper way to get rid of tarantulas would have just required a glue-based spider trap or liquid spray.

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