Yikes! Retired Atlanta Teacher Reacts To Error-Filled Letter From The President By Correcting And Mailing It Back


May 30, 2018 12:21 By Fabiosa

A retired high school teacher is getting a lot of fame for grading an error-filled letter written by Donald Trump's office.

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Rhetorical activist?

Yvonne Mason, an Atlanta resident, calls herself a rhetorical activist. And before her retirement, she had taught English for 17 years in both middle and high schools.

She writes letters to the government as part of her civic responsibility, and it was one such letter that received a response from the president.

Why she wrote a letter to Trump

Mason simply wanted to ask President Trump meet with family members of gun violence victims from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Instead, she received a letter talking generally about school safety.

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Her instinct kicked in and she began to assess the letter to be sure that it met the standard.

And she found a lot of errors. In fact, she called the letter stylistically appalling. 

People react online

Naturally, her effort has gone viral, and she is getting an unprecedented amount of attention from critics and fans alike.

Mason admits that she is aware the letter did not come directly from Trump.

She has since mailed the letter back to the White House with corrections.

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