Sweet Revenge? Princess Diana Helped William And Harry Prank Paparazzi Photographers While They Were On Holiday

Date June 1, 2018

To the world watching the royal family in the 80s and 90s, Princess Diana was the glamorous and down-to-earth people's princess, but to her sons, she was just mom.

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Princess Diana's celebrity

Even as the world watched Diana fall out with the royal family and carve a part for herself, it became clear that the well being of her boys, William and Harry, was her chief concern.

She was one of the photographed women of her time and yet, it was important for her to keep William and Harry away from the media circus.

She was a fun mom

It comes as no surprise that she helped Prince William get back at a paparazzi photographer during a holiday at Necker Island, owned by Sir Richard Branson.

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A former personal protection officer to Princess Diana, Ken Wharfe disclosed the prank recently. He was speaking on the Royal Podcast run by Robert Jobson.

According to him, William asked his mom to accept a request to be photographed, and while the unsuspecting press clicked away at their cameras, William and Harry began to throw water ballons at them.

William and Harry are anti-paparazzi

William and Harry are known to have an aversion for paparazzi photographers. In a 2017 documentary to mark Princess Diana's death, Harry spoke about the media circus around his mother's death.

The Duke of Sussex said he had still not come to terms with the fact that while his mother was dying, trapped in the car, photograhers who had chased her down the tunnel stood taking pictures.

Harry believes that timely action rather than fascination with their mother could have made a difference.

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Princess Diana