Here's Why Queen Elizabeth Needs Her Gloves Way More Than She Needs Her Crowns

Date July 2, 2018 09:31

It is doubtful that Queen Elizabeth has ever been seen in public more than a few negligible times without her gloves.


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The Queen's gloves

This is especially remarkable because the monarch is often without one of the most important emblems of her office as Queen of England: her crowns.


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QE II's attachment to her gloves begs the questions: Are they more important than her crown or is she simply a fan of the fashion item?

Why she can't part with them

It would seem that the answer to this is yes and no. The gloves are not more important than her crown, but the Queen needs them more than she needs her crown on a day to day basis.


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Her office requires that she submits her hands for countless handshakes daily and she needs to protect those hands from contact with questionable substances. But, as you may suspect, her go-to statement piece has been made by the same brand, Cornelia James, for years.

Her ring is more important, though

That said, there is another item the Queen has not parted ways with for more than 70 years, and it's very easily her engagement ring.


She has worn the 3-carat diamond piece of jewelry since Prince Philip asked her to marry him in 1947, and she'll very likely be wearing it until she breaths her last. How sweet is that?

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Queen Elizabeth