How This Thoughtless Graffiti On A Michael Jackson Memorial Made Paris Miss Her Father

Date June 14, 2018 16:26

At just 11, Paris Jackson lost her famous father, Michael Jackson, in 2009. Since then, her life has not been the same.

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Did someone disrespect MJ?

Now 20, Paris still misses her father and recently let fans into her heart in a touching and angry Instagram post.

Her anger was caused by a thoughtless graffiti she found scrawled over a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with father's name. She was clearly shocked by the obvious disrespect.

Paris fights for her father's honor

The model and actress shared pictures of herself cleaning the red graffiti off the star with the comment:

Some people have no respect.

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Still, her emotions may have been unnecessary as the star in question does not belong to the late pop star but a name sake. The actual owner of the star was the British/American radio commentator Michael Jackson. 

Same difference!

We are sure Paris had a good laugh about it when she realized. Or, she just felt bound to protect the legacy of the man simply because he was her father's namesake.

What do you think?

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