Malia Obama Shamed For "Partying Too Hard" In The Hamptons Ahead Of Her 20th Birthday

Date July 4, 2018

Malia Obama is no longer a teen or first daughter, and she’s out there living her life like it’s golden.

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Malia Obama is a grown woman now

Ahead of her 20th birthday and currently on summer break from college, she headed off to a Hamptons hot spot, the Surf Lodge, with friends.


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The spot is frequented by famous people, including Tiffany Trump. And Malia, apparently familiar with the spot as well, called staff by their first name, danced, and partied with her small circle of friends.

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Unfortunately, while the unsuspecting adult celebrated, clips of her fun hangout were already circulating the internet just  as it used to when her father was president.

Life after the White House

But, Malia is a couple of years away from a regimented life in the White House and clearly growing up. She has taken a gap year to travel the world with her family, taken summer jobs and resumed college at Harvard.


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By the looks of it, she is on a journey of self-discovery, making good and bad decisions, and is largely well adjusted. Still, she’s yet to live down the expectations placed on her as former first daughter by a section of the American public.

It’s a good thing she does not seem to mind the scrutiny much. Happy Birthday to her!

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