Why Kate Middleton Has Taken On A Surprising New Role As Big Sister In Meghan Markle's Life

Date August 1, 2018

Meghan Markle’s first year as a duchess has been filled with a lot of drama no thanks to her family, particularly her dad.


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Kate can relate

While it's easy to assume that Prince Harry has been solely responsible for shielding Meghan from the effects of the media fallout, new reports claim otherwise.


It would seem that the new duchess has been getting the most help from her sister-in-law, who like her is a commoner and can relate, even if her family is mostly well-behaved.

Meghan's pillar of support

It’s no secret that Meghan looks up to the more experienced duchess, and body language experts have confirmed this from their outings together.


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And there are claims that Kate Middleton has become Meghan’s pillar of support as she deals with her heartbreak over her father’s constant sell out interviews.

She's brave!

Although Meghan has been putting up a brave front and looks genuinely happy, it’s sad to see that this drama is getting to her.


According to Vanity Fair royal correspondent, Katie Nicholl, the Duchess of Cambridge checks on Meghan regularly because she is well aware of what Meghan is going through. Way to go!

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