Blake Lively's Timely Intervention Helped Ryan Reynolds Repair His Relationship With His Sick Dad Before He Died

Date May 28, 2018 12:53

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are high on most people's list of most attractive Hollywood couple. But that is by far the least thing they have going for them. 

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Hilarious couple

The couple has a lot of fun together and supports each other. They are awesome parents to their two children, as evidenced by Reynolds' hilarious parenting tweets.


Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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And, they constantly have a go at each other on their social media pages.


Happy Birthday, baby.

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A good instance is the savage birthday posts they exchanged last year, that involved rude crops on the celebrant's picture.

Reconciling with Reynolds father

As much as they have fun, they also have their serious moments. And Reynolds recently shared one such moment with his fans.


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The Deadpool star had a complicated relationship with his ex-cop father growing up. His said growing up with a tough guy for a dad exposed him to a life of constant anxiety. 

Growing up in my house, it was never relaxing or easy and I know that, throughout my life, I’ve dealt with anxiety in different ways.

This drove a wedge between the actor and his father.


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But, in an interview with Mr. Porter, ahead of the release of Deadpool 2, he credited Blake Lively for helping him reconnect with his dad just before he succumbed to Parkinson's disease in 2015.

Formidable relationship

The couple met on the set of Green Lantern in 2011, and have gone on to build a formidable relationship. Reynolds said his wife's foresight played a huge role in the reconciliation.


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After his father passed on, they had their first child, a girl, named after him. They do not mind that James is an unusual name for their daughter.

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