Happy Birthday Meryl Streep! Here's 5 Reasons Why You Need To Become A Fan Of This Actress

Date June 22, 2018 15:39

We would take just about any chance we get to celebrate the legendary Meryl Streep, especially when that opportunity is her birthday.

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Happy birthday Meryl Streep!

Today, the multiple award-winning actress is 69, and we have to say she does not look a day over 45 until one begins to go over her acting career.

© 'The Iron Lady' (2011) / The Weinstein Company

From timeless movies like Death Becomes Her to classics like Julie & Julia, Meryl Streep has earned her name as the greatest actress of her time. Don't even bother to argue about this! You'll lose big time in the court of public opinion.

Greatest of all time 

That said, because we may never get the chance to fangirl to her face like Tiffany Haddish and Kelly Clarkson, we'll have to content ourselves with making a list.

© "Julie & Julia" (2009) / Columbia Pictures

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So, here are our top 5 reasons why this woman rocks:


Meryl Streep is now the most nominated female actress for the Academy Awards. At this point, any film she touches turns to gold.


Net Worth

She's worth a whopping $90 million and does not live a flashy life.

Law school

Admittedly, this one is funny. She once slept through a law school exam back when she believed environmental law was her calling. A rare case where we get to say 'Thank God for that missed opportunity!'

Sophie's Choice

This woman became fluent in Polish just for her role in Sophie's Choice

Humanitarian work

Streep donated all of her salary from The Iron Lady to the National Women’s History Museum which she represents as a spokesperson. Her reason? She wants to see more stories about the history of women told.

Quite simply, Mery Streep is a queen of our hearts!

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