How Prince William Transitioned From Princess Diana's Shy Teenage Son To The Duke Of Cambridge

Date June 22, 2018

Prince William has grown up entirely in the public eye. And because of this, we have watched him go through all of his awkward phases.

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He's transformed before our eyes

Right before our eyes, William has transformed a great deal from a party-loving young man into the very composed Duke of Cambridge.


These days, sadly, we only get to see him all serious, performing official duties or being a dad to George, Charlotte, and Louis.


This all-too-serious future king phase makes us miss the days when he was just Princess Diana's shy teenage son, coming off age and making his first steps into the world outside the palace on his own.

Pamela Anderson days

Everyone who knew the young prince got to know firsthand that he hated being treated like royalty. He preferred to be like everyone else and he often made this clear.


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But, the Duke of Cambridge did more than hang out with regular people to prove that he did not want to be treated specially.


Like all teenagers, he was in love with Pamela Anderson for her 'sultry' role in Baywatch, and he had a poster of the actress hanging on his wall at Eton College as a schoolboy.

Former hottie turned a family man

Thankfully, all of this was before he fell hard for Kate Middleton at a charity fashion show in 2002, his first year of college. The two have had their troubles, but they have been together since.

And although William is very much a bald family man who just turned 36 yesterday, we are still in awe of this former fresh prince and hottie.

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