"I've Had A Richer Life": Alan Alda Reveals He's Been Secretly Living With Parkinson's For 3 Years


August 2, 2018 15:57 By Fabiosa

Alan Alda is using his voice and influence as a respected actor and director in Hollywood to shine a light on Parkinson’s disease.

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Brave revelation

This comes with the brave revelation that he too is a victim of the degenerative disease after 3 years of living with his diagnosis and gradual decline.

 He told CBS This Morning on Tuesday that he wanted to own the narrative before someone noticed his shaking hands and wrote a sad story about him.

Parkinson's is not a beat down

While encouraging people to get diagnosed early enough, he said he takes the new changes in his life as a challenge rather than a source of daily frustration. "I'm not angry", he said. "I've had a richer life than I've had up until now."

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In his message on Twitter, he told fans to keep moving and pointed out that he’s continued to do his podcast, act, take boxing lessons and give talks despite his diagnosis.

Inspiring survivors

Alda isn’t the only Hollywood icon whose inspiring will to live a full life in the face of a Parkinson’s diagnosis is worthy of mention.


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Michael J. Fox has lived with the disease for decades and continued to act while campaigning for a cure. In fact, he considers his advocacy and work with his research foundation the most meaningful part of his life.

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