Fans Of Stephen King Are Displeased By His Joke About Melania Trump's Hospitalization


May 17, 2018 14:31 By Fabiosa

Hours after news broke that Melania Trump had been admitted at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a benign kidney condition, best-selling author, Stephen King got in a lot of trouble for making light of her situation.

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Melania Trump hospitalized

The First Lady had put her health aside to attend to official duties on mother's day. However, she was hospitalized on May 14 according to a statement released by her office.


The statement made it clear that the procedure had been successful. Melania is expected to be out of the hospital in a week.

Stephen King's tweet

As she recovers, she has gotten a significant amount of support, specifically from her husband, Donald Trump, who flew out to see her in the hospital.

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However, the best-selling author's tweet came with the slew of messages showing support.

He pointed out that the First Lady could use her recovery time to take a break from her husband ' Blabbermouth Don'. 


King was not the only famous person who had not so nice things to say to Melania Trump. Late night show host Jimmy Fallon took a swipe at the Trumps as well when he gave his monologue for The Tonight Show.

Not a few people were displeased by the swipes taken at Mrs. Trump and they made their discontent known. We do hope she gets better and returns to her normal life as soon as possible.

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Melania Trump