Best Exercise For Moms Who Are In The 3rd Trimester Of Pregnancy Was Shared By Pippa Middleton

Date August 6, 2018

Pippa Middleton is all about looking and feeling good during her first pregnancy, and many women can learn a lot from her tips.


Pippa is expecting her first child

After weeks of speculations, the sister to the Duchess of Cambridge finally confirmed that she was pregnant in a Waitrose publication.

Pippa got married to James Matthews in 2017, and this year, they would welcome their first child.


She was featured in the fitness column for Waitrose Weekend in an article titled 'Exercising during pregnancy", which served as her official pregnancy announcement.

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Tips for pregnant women in their third trimester

In a recent edition of Waitrose, Pippa delved deeper into how she has been able to maintain her energy and stay fit during the third trimester of pregnancy. For most women, this is usually the time when they feel fatigue and exhaustion.

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She began by stating that swimming could be the perfect exercise for pregnant women due to the "wonderful feeling of weightlessness" you experience while doing it. When you're at the pregnancy homestretch, you tend to feel heavier, and swimming as an exercise is one of the best ways to fix this.

Pippa shared that swimming not only feels good, it also helps increase oxygen levels and make your heart stronger, so your unborn child will always get the nutrient he/she needs.

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This is the perfect exercise for the summer, Pippa said, adding that the heat often causes bloating and swelling in pregnant women. But swimming can help keep your body cool while also relieving those symptoms. 

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It's certainly working

Whether or not you follow Pippa's advice, you have to admit she's on to something. She has maintained several stunning looks while attending recent events, including Prince Louis christening and Wimbledon games.


Now, we know what her go-to exercise regimen is, and from the points she stated, we can definitely see how it contributes to her fresh, fit look.

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