New Book Reveals The Very Sad Reason Why Princess Diana Was Afraid To Become Like Queen Elizabeth II

Date September 27, 2018 16:33

The historic rift between Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth has been talked about for decades. But many suggest it wasn’t all battles at first. Moreover, one could argue that if the Queen didn’t want Prince Charles to marry an appropriate lady, the most-watched wedding in the royal history may never have happened.


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Elizabeth II viewed19-year-old ingénue as someone who could be easily molded into the proper royal. Furthermore, a royal wedding amidst anti-conservative social unrest could spark new interest from the public. It looked like Diana came into the monarch’s life at the right time. Or so she thought.


Lady Di’s idea as to what becoming a princess meant differed immensely from the monarch’s. The Queen has used to robotically wave to the public since taking the throne so when the world got crazy with Diana, she didn’t know how to deal with such attention.


Every time the monarch tried to show the Princess the royal ways and attempt to rein in her, Diana always managed to steal the limelight.

The Princess’ fears

The public looked at Diana’s story as a fairytale, but nobody knew about the struggles the Princess faced. After becoming a part of the royal family, the life of the British monarchy unraveled in front of her eyes.

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Lady Di released that with time she will become like her mother-in-law – the loneliest woman in the world, and it feared her greatly. Unfortunately, her fears were meant to come true.


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A royal biographer, Andrew Morton, who wrote the 1992 biography Diana: Her Story, revealed that Diana wanted people to know the real story. She was living a lonely miserable life inside the palace, but outside she was adored.


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Nonetheless, Diana’s life has changed with the birth of her two sons, who became the center of her world and her biggest supporters.

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