Hilarious Tactic: That’s How Princess Diana Used To Tame Naughty Prince William

Date August 22, 2018 17:54

Princess Diana has always been a role model for lots of people, a trendsetter for women, and almost a mother to all those people she cared about. Her dedication is now seen in the eyes of her children. And that’s the main thing they inherited from her.

William’s almost touched to tears

In one of his interviews, Prince William almost cried a tear when he was asked about Diana, his mother. He couldn’t hide that emotion on his face and tried to smile instead of crying.

He opened up about what kind of woman she was when it came to charity. She was totally involved in what she did, and what’s the most important – she loved it.


It started from William’s childhood

Princess Diana was always close with Prince William. They had a special bond with a bit of humor which started from William`s childhood. When the little naughty boy didn’t want to do something he was asked, the mother played a witty trick with him.

She used to tell him it’s Harry who will do that instead of him. As a rule, such a statement made the young boy act immediately. And here’s the video which proves that:

…To adolescence

It was probably one of the best and worst birthdays in Prince William’s life at the same time. He just turned 13 and his mother invited not just his school friends, but supermodels Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer to meet him. What is more, she ordered him a boobs birthday cake! And Prince Harry asked for the same when he turned 13.

That’s was really a special bond between the two of them! Princess Diana was a mother who knew her kids so well that she managed to teach them everything most important as if she knew something might happen.

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