Woman Goes Into Labor. When She Wakes Up, She Becomes Blind And Without Limbs. Nevertheless, She Says: "Life Is Good"

Date August 13, 2018 09:40

This woman’s story is one of those that doesn’t fit into one’s head. It’s hard to imagine what she’s been through, and it’s even harder to understand how she managed to get everything she enjoys now.

Carol’s story

When 7,5-month pregnant woman came into the hospital with sharp pain complaints, the doctors saw nothing. In 2 weeks, she already had a 103-degree fever and contractions that ended not that happily. Carol gave birth to a baby girl Safiya via C-section but ended up blind, in a coma, and with amputated limbs herself.

That was the result of sepsis she developed, and her doctors tried to do everything to save her life. Here’s what Carol told PEOPLE about those days:

They didn’t think that I was going to survive, so they brought Safiya in for me to meet her, even though she was in the preemie unit and weighed only 4 pounds, 15 ounces.

I couldn’t see her, but I could touch her and I could feel her and I knew she was beautiful. My children and my husband gave me the courage to go on.

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Truly strong woman

However, this woman has managed to show everyone how strong she was. Despite all the difficulties, she found a new purpose and sense in her life that didn’t allow her to back down. Since then, she was at the death’s door several times in 10 years. Still, she found faith and choose to stand no matter what.

To everyone’s amazement, she wrote a book about her experience called Unshattered: Overcoming Tragedy and Building a Beautiful Life.

What’s more, she’s a motivational speaker now and teaches others how to withstand the hardest times. And here's one of Carol's interviews: 

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People about the book

Here’s what people write about her book. On the whole, they find it totally fascinating. They are amazed by the strong will of the woman who practically lost her body. At the same time, people learn lots of valuable lessons for themselves.

Carol’s story teaches us once again there’s nothing impossible for a human mind. The key thing is motivation, self-confidence and belief you have a purpose.

She’s managed to make the best out of the worst life situation. She didn’t get defeated by her blindness and limbs amputation. On the contrary, these things made her even stronger, so will be with everyone who will finally start believing in yourself.

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