24-Year-Old Tiffany Trump Continues To Live Her Life Like She Is Not A Trump At All


June 28, 2018 11:20 By Fabiosa

It’s not so easy to be a president’s daughter with so many rules and restrictions you have to follow. But Tiffany Trump obviously has another vision of this matter. Tiffany continues to live her life like she is not a Trump at all.


Behind a completely unbothered life of Tiffany Trump

At the time when all members of the Trump family are constantly involved in numerous social activities, public events, or migrant crisis, Tiffany Trump continues to live a completely unbothered life as she is not a Trump at all.


Last weekend, 24-year-old Tiffany celebrated LGBT Pride Month despite her father Donald is not recognizing it. Unlike her father, Tiffany shows a great enthusiasm for celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

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The president’s daughter was captured with two of her friends wishing “Happy pride from us to you!”


Happy pride from us to you 🏳️‍🌈 @tiffanytrump @adwarren

Допис, поширений Julius Barnathan (@juliusbarnathan)

Who is Trump’s favorite daughter?

Some people say the reason for Tiffany’s estranged behavior is her tense relationship with her father. Donald seems to be more close with his elder daughter Ivanka rather than with Tiffany.

Once, when Donald was accompanied by both daughters during his trip to Ohio, he said something that made people suppose Ivanka is actually the daddy’s favorite daughter but not Tiffany.

Speaking of a job well done, we have two of my daughters here today: Ivanka, who is working hard on infrastructure! Ivanka...and Tiffany!

Though it will be fair to say in Donald’s defense that Ivanka plays a more active role in his life. She is his senior adviser at the Office and takes a great interest in her father’s presidential campaigns. Besides, Ivanka appears in public with Donald more often than Tiffany.

Still, we won’t claim anything for sure. Yes, Tiffany lives her life more private than the rest members of the Trump family, but it doesn’t mean Donald loves her less than his other children.

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