Alyssa Milano Blames Donald Trump That His Administration Is Trying To Limit Breastfeeding

Date July 13, 2018 14:00

President Donald Trump is under fire again. This time, Charmed star Alyssa Milano blames Trump amid a report that the US is trying to limit breastfeeding.

Alyssa Milano vs Donald Trump

The popular actress and the mother of two kids, Alyssa Milano, speaks against Donald Trump amid the report that his administration opposes the major breastfeeding resolution.


On Wednesday, the Charmed star addressed to the president via Twitter with the following message:

There’s nothing this man isn’t trying to f* up. Leave my boobs alone, @realDonaldTrump.

Milano’s message came two days after Trump released his own tweet in which he criticizes a New York Times article considering breastfeeding. In particular, Trump denies the magazine’s remarks that his administration does not support breastfeeding.

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It was not the first time when Alyssa Milano spoke against Donald Trump’s policy. The actress expressed her negative attitude towards Trump’s administration in the matter of the immigrant kids’ crisis.

Milano wrote a letter to the CEO of Cayuga Centers, in which she volunteered to foster some of the hundreds of immigrant children separated from their parents at the Mexican border.

 I will register with the appropriate authorities so I can bring some of these children into my home and foster them during this time of need. I am sure this is something many other Americans would consider a moral and patriotic duty, as well.

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