Jennifer Garner Talks About Her Split From Ben Affleck In A Candid Interview

Date July 17, 2018

In her recent interview with Sunday Morning, a talented actress and just a beautiful woman, Jennifer Garner, gets candid about the hard times following her split from Ben Affleck and the pressure from mass media.


Jennifer Garner talks about her life after divorce

It’s always hard to go through a divorce, especially when you are a famous person. Paparazzi follow your every step with the only purpose - to reveal your ‘dirty laundry’ to the public.

A popular American actress, Jennifer Garner, knows this firsthand. Garner was a guest star on CBS Sunday Morning, where she talked about her split from Ben Affleck and even more.


Affleck and Garner became friends on the set of Pearl Harbor. Three years later, they began dating. The couple got married in 2005 and filed for divorce in 2017. The actors have 3 children together.

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During her candid interview with Sunday Morning, Garner opened up what her reality actually was after the divorce.

Looking back on that, I really feel the stress of it. I could cry talking about it.


Divorce could be very stressful for the couple, but imagine it happens in the public eyes, and everyone around you discusses and criticizes your failed marriage. Unpleasant feeling, isn’t it?

Jennifer Garner felt the same way at that time. She suffered from a constant pressure from mass media.

 I will never get used to the sight of 20 cars parked outside my house.

But what we love Jennifer for is her incredible inner strength that helped her move on and never look back. Today, the actress has her favorite job and raises three wonderful children.


We sincerely hope Jennifer will find love again in the nearest future. And it cannot be otherwise, as she really deserves to be happy.

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