Mark Wahlberg Opens Up About His Feud With Leonardo DiCaprio. What's Happened Between Two Heartthrobs?

Date July 27, 2018 10:24

Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio are on pretty good terms now. But it appears two Hollywood heartthrobs had a real feud when they both filmed in 1995’s hit The Basketball Diaries.

Wahlberg opens up about his feud with DiCaprio

They are both talented, handsome, very hot, and with a big army of fans (especially female fans). They are so much alike and so much different.



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Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio made a perfect duo while filming the iconic movie The Basketball Diaries. The film had a great success in the 1990s, but few people know about the hidden feud between its two main actors.

Mark Wahlberg spoke on Tuesday at the LEAP Foundation conference at UCLA about his tense relationship with Leo DiCaprio back in those days, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Wahlberg said:

He didn’t want me for the part, and I didn’t think he was right for the part.

But after their first joint audition, both men kind of changed their mind. Mark recalled that scene:

 So I do the audition and I kind of look at him and he kind of looks at me, and then we do a scene, and they’re like, ‘Hmm, this is pretty good!’

We all know the result - the film had a great success and high rating worldwide.

What about Mark and Leo’s feud? It’s in the past now. Wahlberg concluded: “The next thing you know, boom, we’re hanging out.”

Great job, guys! We love you both.

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