Wendy Williams Opens Up About Her Struggle To Cope With Her Teenage Son's Drug Addiction And Husband`s Alleged Affair

Date July 26, 2018 13:57

In a new candid interview, Wendy Williams opens up about her son’s heart-breaking battle with drug addiction. Every parent should be aware of the hidden danger that destroys our children.


Wendy Williams speaks about her son’s addiction

Earlier these days, a popular television host, Wendy Williams, stepped out for an interview with Cosmopolitan.

In the course of the candid conversation, Williams got loud about the dark times she had to go through several years ago. For the first time, the host told how difficult it was for her pretending smiles while on her TV show and dealing with something so devastating.

Wendy’s teenage son Kevin suffered from drug addiction. Every day, Williams had to watch her child turning into another person. It was extremely hard.

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Wendy confessed:

I didn’t know whether my kid would ever return to school. The whole time we’re nursing him through recovery, I’m supposed to make fun on the show like, ‘Hi! Here’s Wendy! Hahaha!’ But I’m dying inside.

Fortunately, now, Kevin is doing much better. With a professional treatment and his mother’s constant assistance and support, Kevin could overcome his ‘disease.’ The 17-year-old boy graduated high school with honors and is starting college this year.

What about her marriage?

Further, during the interview, Williams said she is totally happy in her marriage with Hunter, even after his reported affair one year ago.

Hunter was rumored to have a secret long-time affair with his massage therapist. However, none of the spouses confirmed the rumors.

Wendy explained:

People can believe what they want — but I stand by my guy.

The host added she and her husband continue to work together on their production company and are very happy in their marriage.

We are really happy the dark times are over for the television star. We wish Wendy and her family all the best.

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