Meghan Markle Had Her First Royal ‘Glove Moment’. Is She Trying To Follow Queen Elizabeth's Style?

Date July 11, 2018

It looks like Meghan Markle will master the royal etiquette rules sooner than we thought: The Duchess of Sussex has recently had her first royal ‘glove moment’.

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Meghan’s first ‘glove moment’

Since her wedding to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle keeps being the center of public attention. The Duchess of Sussex seems to get into new character pretty easily. Of course, her husband and other members of the royal family help Meghan master new skills, and, truth be told, she's been doing great for now.

Recently, Meghan has made her third royal appointment in her new status. The Duchess has attended Prince Louis’ christening service, accompanied by her beloved husband, Prince Harry, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The service took place at the Chapel Royal at St James’ Palace on July 9. Meghan looked stunning in her olive-green ensemble designed by Ralph Lauren. Fashion critics even noticed some resemblance between the Duchess and the late Princess Diana, who used to be a big fan of olive-green colors.


Meghan completed her look with a matching hat and elegant gloves. By the way, it was the first ‘glove moment’ for the former actress. In our opinion, she handled the task with excellence and looked spectacular.


It’s all about the gloves!

Gloves indeed play a significant role in the wardrobe of all royal women. Some fashion critics even joke that Her Majesty needs gloves more than she needs her crown. What’s so special about this element of the royals’ wardrobe? Is there any secret meaning behind the gloves thing?


You may be surprised, but the answer is pretty simple. Of course, the gloves are not more important than the crown. The Queen needs to wear them because she has a lot of public engagements on a daily basis, and they involve handshaking. Gloves help Her Majesty protect her hands from contact with bacteria.

It seems like, by wearing gloves, Meghan Markle is trying to follow the Queen’s long-lasting tradition. We think it’s great. Besides, she really looks gorgeous when she completes her outfit with a pair of elegant gloves.

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